Service meshes are all the buzz in cloud-native world.

How come only yesterday we didn't know such a thing existed and now everybody seems to want one?

If you're already running a microservice-based system or only starting out with one, you may be asking yourself : "Do I also need a mesh?"

In this session we'll try to answer what the mesh is good for, what problem it solves, what new questions it poses.

More specifically we will:

- explore the SMI Spec;
- see how the mesh helps with progressive delivery;
- discuss if it's time for you to get into the mesh;
- and how you can choose the right mesh for your needs.

Anton Weiss

WTF Do We Need a Service Mesh?


15 years in tech, marketing and leadership roles. All about software delivery optimization. 5 years in technical and executive training. Expert in DevOps, Lean, Systems Thinking, Continuous Delivery, Cloud Native and Decentralized Systems. Coder, speaker, writer. Fixated on improving the ways humans collaborate by telling mind-provoking stories.

14:00-14:30 | Track 2