Kubernetes, Knative, serverless, cloud databases, authentication APIs, SMS APIs, payment APIs. Building a SaaS product is exciting, and we have so many tools that help build a cloud-native application, but this also introduces so many design choices we should consider.

In this talk, we will discuss the main principals of building a Cloud-Native SaaS product, and explorer the various design choices we should consider.

- The roles of Kubernetes, Knative, and Serverless in SaaS
- Cloud-managed services vs. self-managed services 
- SaaS Tenant Isolation Models
- Feature flagging and consumption metering

Arthur Berezin

Building a Cloud-Native SaaS Product The Hard Way


Arthur is the Founder and CEO of JovianX Platform for SaaS, radically simplifying the use of cloud-native and DevOps technologies for SaaS operations. 


In his previous role as Dir. of Product Management at Cloudify, Arthur formed the Apache ARIA-TOSCA community under the Apache Software Foundation, and served as Technical Steering Committee(TSC) member in the Linux Foundation ONAP Project.


Prior to that Arthur was Sr. Technical Product Manager for OpenStack and RHV at Red Hat.


Arthur is also the author of "Production Ready OpenStack" published by Packt.

14:30-15:00 | Track 1