Kubernetes has become a prevalent and integral part of the Cloud Native ecosystem. With so many changes in this ecosystem, how can you keep up? Many may find this very challenging. This session is designed to get attendees up to speed with the latest Kubernetes initiatives. I will also talk through some of the buzzwords in order to get everyone on the same page. This session will be highly interactive and I will certainly save time for attendee input.


Idan Shahar

Kubernetes Buzzwords - Everything you wanted to know but never dared to ask

I am an entrepreneur at heart with a passion for bleeding edge open source tech. I love operating at the sweet spot of where business meets technology - the area where we can all drive true impact.I started coding at age 14, driven by my intense curiosity of how things worked - especially with computers. My journey since then has taken me through various roles and industries such as defense, security developer, cloud architect and open-source advocacy. Fast forward to today - I am working at Microsoft on a specialized team where we focus on enabling our partner and startup ecosystem. We help ISVs to rapidly build their products on Azure in an agile, secure and efficient way in order to drive a mutually successful business model. I achieve this by helping to envision and instantiate digital transformations - starting with strategic business leaders and moving all the way to dev teams. This work allows me to work closely with many teams to gain diverse perspective - while offering my own - to help companies build or rebuild their architectures to take advantage of the latest DevOps and Cloud Native models. I love my job and this ever-changing industry and look forward most to meeting and collaborating with great people! Drop me a line at

12:30-13:00 | Track 2