Traditionally, security teams have been accustomed to investigating incidents and falling back to previous code releases if they detect serious issues. With the rise of modern cloud-native applications and immutable infrastructure, however, security engineers have new solutions at their fingertips. Immutable infrastructure refers to infrastructure with components that are designed to be destroyed and replaced with new versions whenever a change is necessary. This makes immutable infrastructure different from conventional deployment technologies, in which components were typically updated while they were still running rather than being redeployed whenever a change takes place. In this session, Dima Stopel will discuss the changing security landscape and how immutable infrastructure and cloud-native technologies such as containers, can make tedious, risk-prone security workflows a thing of the past.

11:00-11:30 | Track 1

Dima Stopel

How Immutable Infrastructure Changes the Modern Security Mindset

Dima Stopel is a Cofounder of Twistlock and serves as its Vice President of Research & Development. Mr. Stopel is a security geek with 11 years of experience in enterprise security. He is a Microsoft veteran with extensive experience in developing and leading development projects. He has a B.Sc. cum laude in software engineering and an M.Sc. in Information Systems Engineering, both from the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev.