The K8s community is heading fast towards adoption of using multiple clusters in each deployment for their workloads. A natural challenge that comes with this adoption is how to connect the workloads running on different clusters and even different clouds in a secure and automated fashion.

The challenges do not stop there, after connecting the workloads you would want to keep your network policy applicable across clouds so traffic that is ‘allowed’ to access your application could still access your application, even if it is deployed on a new cluster you created. And what about the service discovery mechanism? You need to be able to find services on other clusters without making them publicly available for any random hacker to crack.

In this session we’ll cover common use cases and review the available open source projects that addresses them. Specifically we’ll focus on ‘Submariner’, ‘Coastguard’ and ‘Lighthouse’. If you haven't heard about them yet you should !

Livnat Pe'er

Connecting Workloads Across Clouds

Livnat Peer is Cloud Infrastructure, Sr. Global Manager, Engineering at Red Hat. Livnat has been part of the on­going innovation in the cloud and virtualization domain, in the last years she was focused around the Networking aspects of this field which is revolutionized by SDN and NFV.
Livnat holds MSC in Computer Science from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem with expertise in distributed algorithms.

14:00-14:30 | Track 1