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While building a micro-service architecture one is most likely to encounter the same common issues across multiple scenarios. One of the greatest challenges is to identify these issues, or patterns thereof, in real-time and to provide the optimal solution for the actual problem. In this session I will share some of the ad-hoc fixes and workarounds we have encountered during these last few years, I will go over common mistakes and pitfalls, and discuss the strategies needed to take when starting to think about micro-services

Sefi Itzvkovich

Service Mess – Microservices Architecture Common Pitfalls

I am an experienced R&D manager and Architect with over 14 years of experience. Served in an elite IDF technological unit as R&D Team Leader developing complex and distributed systems in the fields of Networking, Storage and Security. Gained knowledge and expertise in Virtualization, Big Data and Large Distributed Systems while working both at large companies and startups for a few years. My Current role is VP Architecture and head of DS at otonomo. Holds an MBA and B.Sc in Computer Science.

11:00-11:30 | Track 1